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A website built on static HTML can turn out to be business liability and an inefficient way to maintain your online presence. Start using a dynamic CMS powered site.



A website without SEO is a like starting a Business without Money.


GeetaNChandra Infotech is a rapidly growing leader among web design & web development company India. In the current scenario , marketing strategies of companies have turned to the web for their expansion and diversification needs, and have reaped the optimum benefits.

GeetaNChandra Infotech as a web design & web development company India for all your web related services can help you in beating these vast resources for your benefit. We as a web design & web development company India have a long and proven record of successful performances for several reputed clients across industries.


To capitalize on the efficiency of Information Technology Industry to serve Clients. We strive constantly to make Webosphere a winning competitor both today and in the future.


To be the safest, most progressive Technology Provider, relentless in the pursuit of Client and employee excellence and to be a most preferred quality software development and Resourcing partner throughout the world by providing quality services.


GeetaNChandra is a company where every solution and service is based on innovation. Our wide range of services that we provide speak volumes about the skills we possess. We intends to use its skills and bring a brand new approach to the industry.


Web Development



Selecting the perfect web development company in India can be a difficult and a challenging task. Today all business, be it big or small promotes its products on their site with the help of developers. A web site helps in the growth, development and function of a company. If anyone wants to create a batter impression then one should hire professional and experienced web developers from our company who would guide one in building the ideal web site for the client. There are differentiate features of our reputed and reliable web development company. The development of our company rests solely on the developers who are on hire

Hiring the Best Website Developers

Our web development company work on a one aim of giving its to clients 100% satisfaction and that our developers ensure. The features of our development organisation and company is include providing professionalism and expertise in the development of a website on easy hire basis. Our web development organisation provides web solutions to the clients with the help of the developers that have been on hire. One needs to hire a team of developers from our organisation for the development of a website with exclusive page to attract audiences across India and abroad. Hire our web development organisation India, and launch the website successfully in India.

Services Offered By Our Developers

Our web development company India that hire experienced developers is also responsible for all the results that come out from each of the team members in the organisation. The various web development companies in India as well as International organisations choose to go for the reputed and reliable web development organisations because of the professionals in the organisation. The functions and services offered by our developers on hire in the Web Development Company are far better than the other development companies in India are. The web companies in India try to use the best and innovative customised web designing services that are offered by the developers that have been on hire basis by the organisation.

The development of the market and our Web Development Organisation India has made its mark and carved a niche with the assistance of the developers on hire. The professionals and developers that are one hires provide from our organisation and avails the web services to provide the customers that they are looking for high quality. Professional developers are hire can only create a user-friendly website. The developers are have a required knowledge and technically advanced expertise to provide the ultimate web development services.

In Your Success Lies Ours

Our developers on hire in India provide the web development services to the customers so that their business can reach new heights.With the knowledge and qualification of the developers in India that are on hire, a development company would get higher returns on interest and the developers would be the major reason behind the success. The web development organisations India provide services that are cost-effective and are reliable in the India. If you are compare, you will find that the services offered by the developers that are on hire are extremely of high quality.

Make the Best Move

The developers of the website development companies that are on hire use the best technology and services along with the finest models of business so that the developers can provide the finest web services to its clients. The best move is that would be to hire a website development company India. Most of the developers are on hire working in these companies in this development organisation is reliable and provides web and maintenance services that are going to take the clients business to a new dimension. Ensure that you are hire our web development company India because it has growth over the years and is constantly updating and offering top class services. Hire our web development organisation India that is gaining popularity in its own field all over the industry. Hence, check out our web development organisation in India on hire over the Internet and its services offered and hire our developers.

Hire developers are from the finest web development organisation and you can be assured of getting the best services. If you hire our developers you can be, 100% satisfied that your website development organisation would benefit. Hire our professional developers they will be do a great job in primping your websites. The decision to hire our developers would be honestly a wise one. If you are still not sure that about whether to hire developers then now you must have enough reasons to hire the able experts from us. Once you have taken a step ahead to hire developers then be rest assured that the decision would count a lot for your business.

Mobile Device Solutions



The mobile marketplace is evolving rapidly & almost everything is going mobile. GeetaNChandra has positioned itself well through its core expertise and helps enterprises take the wireless revolution advantage. We provide services that enable businesses deliver transactions and content through mobile devices and merge these features into their existing content management systems.

GeetaNChandra with its vast experience, has cultivated expertise in designing the efficient interfaces for effective usage of handheld devices and mobile.

Some of the platforms we have implemented mobile device solutions , include Symbian, Brew, J2ME, RIM, Microsoft Technologies for PDA etc. Some of the solutions and features that we have implemented on the Mobile Solutions Domain:

Business Applications across different Mobiles , Smart Phones , PDAs , PocketPcs and Palm Platforms

Gaming Applications on Mobile

Value Added Services on Mobiles

Migration of web-enabled or Internet solutions to Mobile Platforms and others

Applications are like Sales Force Automation, Transportation, Fleet Management, Freight Solution, SMS Campaign Tools etc.

Our experience on Mobile platform:

Game and Applications and for Mobiles and Handheld devices

Technology: J2ME, Brew, .Net CF 1.0, .Net CF 2.0, Symbian C++, SDK, EVC++, Windows Mobile SDK, Flash Lite.

Mobiles: Wide variety of mobile device solutions including some of leading models from Motorola, Nokia, iPhone, Blackberry, SonyErricsson etc.

Handheld Devices:

Platform: PPC 2002, PPC 2003, PPC 2003 SE, Windows Mobile 5.0, Windows Mobile 6.0, Smart Phone, Windows Mobile 2003;

Manufactures: i-Mate, Dopod, Palm 700/750, O2, Ipaq, Apple;

Window, Operating System: Win CE 3.1, Win CE 4.2, Windows mobile 5.0.

Multimedia Services



We design CUSTOM banners according to your requests and more importantly we never use templates. Banners are developed taking into account your demographic, your target group, banners that attract traffic! Our banners are always unique, elegant and attractive. Stand out from the template-using crowd and identify your business as a serious online entity.

2D & 3D Animation

GeetaNChandra MultiMedia Service is a Web Animation Company providing services in 2D and 3D animation software’s. Our long-standing experience in crafting 2D and 3D animation software services from India add to our capability of providing end-to-end solutions to our clients.

PMM is capable of creating and developing the animations, using the correct blend of colors, music, and voice. The product outcome provides a realistic animation that is quite close to live effects. PMM fits into the scenario of creative edge, to meet the challenges in 2D and 3D animation software’s development.

We bring in the best of 2D and 3D animation services India with the extensive array of technical skills at our base. The animators and graphic designers associated with us, offer our clients a unique multimedia animation experience. A special attention is paid on visual effects, visualization, color, grading, and editing. The use of shadowing, geometrical alignment, and textures are efficiently balanced and spectacularly brought in light.

For us, each organization is unique, and thus we put the best in animation software services with a thoughtful approach. The 2D and 3D animation software’s is so accustomed to client’s need that it adds to the say about their organization, products, and services.


Web Banners are one of the easiest ways to advertise your web presence or promote your products across the net. Having the right kind of idea for a banner can maximize the usage value and purpose for the banner advertisement.

Allow us to design your web advertising banners by customization according to your needs be it static, animated or interactive

Our Team of professionally trained experts uses state-of-the-art software and combines the power of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Aftereffects, Flash MX, Fireworks MX and Dreamweaver MX interfaced with solid design and marketing principles through years of experience to create a unique and elegant look for your banners that will attract more clients to your website.


Companies often look to advertising as a way of boosting sales by increasing the public’s exposure to a product. Most companies do not have the staff with the necessary skills or experience to create effective advertisements; furthermore, many advertising campaigns are temporary, so employers would have difficulty maintaining their own advertising staff. Instead, companies commonly solicit bids from ad agencies to develop advertising for them. Next, ad agencies offering their services to the company often make presentations. The real work for ad agencies begins when they win an account. Various departments within an agency-such as creative, production, media, and research-work together to meet the client’s goal of increasing sales.

There is no doubt that the Internet is shaking up distribution channels and disrupting the status quo in every category of the Advertising & Media Industry. But it is only recently that Advertising and media services companies are—for the first time since the advent of the Internet boom—approaching the Internet and its many distribution and profit opportunities with prudence.

Advantage GeetaNChandra

GeetaNChandra has built a complete application suite covering the Client Servicing Application, Financial Application and Customer Relation Management Application for one of the largest advertising agencies in India who has always been on the forefront of technology. All its users are very much aware of the importance of computerization. They were among the pioneers in Paperless Office Automation in India.

The Client Servicing Application is developed for the automation of their Client servicing activities and operations giving an edge over its competitors, as they is able to furnish lots of information, which is important to handle and implement a campaign, and also make the client comfortable by planning and scheduling each minute activity of the campaign. It also takes care of the Branch operations between New Business development to Client Billing and Supplier Invoice passing.

Graphic Design

GeetaNChandra is a web & graphic design organization providing world-class IT solutions since 2010

We provide highly customized web programming solutions, website design, logo design, flash design and brochure design solutions custom created according to your needs while maintaining high quality at affordable rates from India.Our clients across the world are assured of aesthetic and original designs, fast turnaround and prompt customer support.

Our team of experienced designers and developers work round-the-clock from our state-of-the art design & development facilities located in Surendranagar,Gujarat, India.


Graphic design includes corporate logos, website logos, business and personal logos. Nothing is as sharp a statement as a well-designed logo. Here you can be sure your logo will be relevant, contemporary, and descriptive of your vision for the organization.


An elegant brochure packed full of easy-to-read sales information is a force-multiplying tool. Let well-designed literature do some of the leg-work for you with direct mailers, POP displays, and trade show giveaways. Even include a brochure in the shipment with every order… this is a proven sales multiplying


Whether electronic, hard copy, or both… a newsletter keeps you in front of your customer base. If you know you need a newsletter, then you know it has to be easy to read, effective, and fun! That is a guarantee.


Magazine ads, banner ads, Internet ads… effective and inspired ads! There’s nothing like a great message executed with the high level of production skill required to bringing it off effectively. That is what is guaranteed here. From concept to creation, your ad will get noticed.


State your message clearly for all to see in an exciting and effective flyer. Full color artwork, full bleed, full impact! Production to PDF for website delivery, and complete press-ready artwork delivered for the print shop.


Make sure your catalog gets noticed, and make sure it is easy to read. Catalogs are a great way to get your entire product line before your potential customers. PDF production and HTML conversion available, as well as standard press-ready artwork. Product photography available

Trade Show Displays

To stand out in the crowd, make sure your trade show display is top-notch. You will save a ton of money in the design phase, and your display will reach out and grabs leads out of the crowd. More than just booth displays, you get photo mural backdrops, light boxes, posters, table-top displays, literature racks, banner stands, lighting, kiosks, and custom configurations


You need standard stationery items to make sure your business image is complete. You get full-color, full-bleed graphics unlike any other. Forget simple business cards, you get an exciting card where each and every one is a little billboard ad that grabs attention. Make sure you get business cards, letterhead, envelopes, labels, and Word templates. Of course, you get press ready artwork the print shop can use for your next press run, and Word file templates you can use to run letterhead directly out of your computer printer.


Animated Logos, Intros, Web Banners, Presentations and Animations, you name it and we have a customized solution ready, just for you.

Flash allows unlimited creativity with graphic, sound and animation. Even complete websites are being developed using Flash designs. Through its vast experience, GeetaNChandra ensures that you get world-class Flash design solutions at the most competitive prices .

GeetaNChandra has a team of experienced & talented Flash designers who are capable of creating magic with Flash.

Payment Terms:50% Advance along with order, balance at the time of delivery

Options:Through PayPal / Bank Transfer

GeetaNChandra’s flex developers have a rich experience in the application of various graphical and multimedia tools, which help us to make your project unique and successful. One of strong points of flex development Company GeetaNChandra is collaboration with top leading US companies, based in California, New York, Texas, Illinois, Florida, Washington. Flash tools take a leading place among other multimedia technologies today. Flash/Flex/AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime)/Breeze technologies are an excellent way to make our work convenient and your solution smart and extraordinary, interactive and engaging.

GeetaNChandra is ready to provide the following services by using the Flash technologies

Computer Games development, including network multi-user games, strategies and, in particular, action games with many special effects. GeetaNChandra’s flex programmers do their best to create an ultimate and interesting solution for you.

Web site and web application design. Use of the Flash technologies in the e-shops and stock-exchange-related projects allows us to avoid a number of problems regarding a dynamic reaction of a program to the various actions of visitors. The use of a programmatically created animation in banners also fits this area.

Development of user interface elements. Including dynamic cursors, buttons and many other elements. GeetaNChandra’s flash/flex developers are able to create many interesting animated effects related to program reaction on user actions. The effects created with the help of the animation tools immensely differ from the effects created with the help of standard tools. Animated effects are more selective, for example, tracing of mouse movement directions and frequency of button click.

Web presentations. You can get an unlimited set of animation effects for a more vivid and visual illustration of your information to your partners.

Animation films and Flash. They are used, for example, for animation of background processes in your solution. Unlike regular animations, we can create a complicated and unique movement for you. Tell us your ideas and we will design some more interesting movements depending on user actions and the specifics of your solution.

Animation of various technological processes and statistical data. Animation is an effective means for demonstrating physical processes, building mathematical dependence graphs and diagrams in the form of voting, presenting statistic or dynamic information. This approach is perfect for developing a courseware.

Video and voice chats.Even in this area, Flash technologies allow achieving quick and high quality results.

In addition, Flash technologies are perfect multimedia services for interface and design development, for example, creating games for palms, cell phones, smart phones, and other mobile devices.

In all these areas, GeetaNChandra has achieved outstanding results.

Contact Us and we will create a better reality for your customers!

Application Development & Maintenance



GeetaNChandra’s Process Management Framework ensures that applications are architectures, developed, tested and implemented. domain knowledge allows us to develop scalable and flexible application incorporating business logics, presenting our customers with next generation applications that generates greater efficiency through high level of automation.

GeetaNChandra’s custom application development services provide the information and technology backbone for our customer business. Our expert technical person understands your application requirements thoroughly and prepares architecture, development plan, testing strategy and finally implements it and become live. We rely on industry standard software development practices the applications to ensure defect and error free delivery. GeetaNChandra’s traction in cutting edge custom and bespoke application development, latest technology, web application development and maintance of software solutions helps our customers with a lengthier shelf life of applications with minimum maintenance and support requirements.

How can i start application development with you?

we usually being from a pilot project to know each other better in both commercial and technical aspects.

Our people are all well educated, holding at least bachelor degree (prefers masters degree) and have many years experience in the operation of offshore software development to meet your needs.

We pay great attention to the project quality and on-time delivery. For example, we use Extreme Programming to manage the development process.

We pay great attention to the project quality and delivery on time . For ex. we use Extreme Programming to handle the development process.

we will submit our progress report daily and weekly to you by e-mail during development. The reports will include the work completed and the plan for next work.

We will keep smooth communications with you during the development process through e-mail, telephone VOIP, fax and instant messenger

The application will be hosted on our dedicated servers to ensure transparency and visibility to client.

How to start application development?

After receiving the requirement on the software application development, we will send you a proposal including the estimations of the workload,time frame and cost. • Once we get the project the our expert system analyst will immediately being to analyze and mock design the system to keep our understanding of requirement consistent with you. • We will spend significant time to listen and study the application functional scope of the software, your business needs and process. Then we will offer an analyzing result report and Requirement Specification.

Led by the manager development team will start the software development according to the development plan and time schedule. • during the project life cycle we will keep you informed with the process and status of the development at all stages of the development.

Migration And Reengineering



Migration And Re-Engineering Services Practice at GeetaNChandra consists of not only consulting global clientele on migration strategies and approaches but also conducting hands-on implementations to ensure that the migration to new technologies, frameworks, versions is seamless, with minimal or no effect on current business initiatives of the client and also with no hassles in terms of downtime issues

Why Migration – Common Issues leading to a need of migration?

Disconnection between unprecedented growth in operations and sales and existing obsolete platforms that cannot handle the exponentially increased volume of information

High Maintenance Costs of our systems

Scarcity of skilled resources in obsolete platforms of technology

Poor performance of current systems

Typical Challenges on Migration Implementation:

Performing smooth transition from legacy to the new systems with minimized down time

Anticipating & minimizing interoperability issues during production

Performing a seamless migration of data

Supporting multiple versions that are in the production

Completing feature testing with instance turnaround times at minimum cost

GeetaNChandra’s Migration Offerings

Robust methodologies, expertise, quality standards and the Offshore Delivery Model which help implement projects in a timely manner within budget.

GeetaNChandra possesses extensive expertise in re-engineering products to wide range of platforms, architectures, OSS and languages, thereby enhancing the quality of the product and reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) for the owner.

Validation of the approach through prototyping and proof of concepts, for clarity and surety of the solution

Expertise in error free voluminous handling data migration in a systematic and phased manner

Typical Benefits Achieved through the Migration Offering:

Minimized TCO & improved quality through our operational efficiency and execution excellence.

Improved quality and productivity by leveraging various migration and re-engineering assets from our vast knowledge pool

Achievement of optimum solutions and quickly execution of projects

Enhanced Application Response Time

Duplicate Removal and inconsistent data

Future extensions Accommodation made easy

Product Development Support



Our model of Software Product development support ensures that you are completely aware and full control of the product. We ensure that when a product is being development, its core values and USP is not lost while keeping time, cost and quality at paramount importance. Our process allows you quickly ramp up and down teams developing the product depending upon the Product Lifecycle and business objectives.

Product Development

Since its inception GeetaNChandra has strived and perfected the art of building a product. GeetaNChandra model for developing your product is to own up your vision from the day one to ensure its success. Our product development model delivers cost-effective and high quality Software Product to product companies globally.

GeetaNChandra’s product development offering and lifecycle

Product Visualization

Product Designing

Product Development

Testing and Quality Assurance

Product Deployment

Lifecycle Management

We have developed a range of products for the various sectors in the product space mode by putting together a team of domain, industry and technology experts. We have been able to guide the clients on technology and domain related issues helping client to implement industry standard solutions.

Product Support and Lifecycle Management

Support services are critical to the success of products and services to ensure they maintain their unique selling proposition in the market. With an ever increasing complexity of software systems and overall technical eco-system, the cost of administering customers and support has increased.

Product Companies see a great value entering into extending support contracts and technical support as this increase the life of a product by continuously adding features and enhancing the product as per the market demands. Our management of Product Lifecycle and support has led to GeetaNChandra being a major differentiator over its competitors and ensured that our customers are far more satisfied and their Product’s role drastically increase.

Product Life Cycle Management Phases

Product feature enhancements, technology enhancement, fixes and tuning activities are accomplished by packaging these changes via version upgrades or new products releases. This includes the following

Product Reengineering

Technology upgrades, migration/porting to newer or alternate platforms/OS are conducted as part of product reengineering. Product Reengineering has been GeetaNChandra’s primary service offering. The vast experience has helped GeetaNChandra develop a streamlined process to execute reengineering projects efficiently.

Product Upgrades

Software products require continuous enhancements and fixes based on real-world feedback. This is a continuous cycle that requires a dedicated team to implement changes based on user feedback, market changes and sales requirements. GeetaNChandra helps product managers by offering an outsourced product support and development team that works closely with the product team to maintain and upgrade products in a planned manner while bringing down the cost tremendously.

Product Development Support & Maintenance

Ongoing source-code maintenance and support is critical to the success of any product. However, very few companies can afford a dedicated team for such activities. GeetaNChandra provides a cost-effective solution to help software firms reduce their product maintenance and support costs while ensure continued ongoing quality to ensure the continued success of the product. These services are offered as annual or quarterly service contracts.

For software products managed GeetaNChandra maintains the source code; trouble shoots and maintains the product.

For products developed or maintained by GeetaNChandra, technical support is offered to the client’s product team. User technical support is also available and evaluated based on user base and requirements. For enterprises, MIS support teams are available who can be hired for user support.

Quality Assurance & Testing

In addition to being a critical part of the software product lifecycle GeetaNChandra offers QA and testing services as an outsourced service where GeetaNChandra’s QA team can work in coordination with your software development team. Offerings include

Plan & Setup

Includes developing a QA strategy and plan, creating test plans & test cases and test environment planning & setup

QA & Testing

Involves a comprehensive set of services including functionality, compatibility, multi-tier, regression and interoperability testing.

Performance Testing

Load & Stress, Scalability and Capacity testing under required conditions.

Usability Testing

Simulating user environments and usage scenarios to ensure usability; user interface, work-flow/navigation, responsiveness. GeetaNChandra’s service portfolio includes Whitebox / Blackbox testing, Test automation/scripts and use of various test automation and bug/modification tracking tools.

Product Enhancements

GeetaNChandra can systematically perform feature upgrades for your product. Add functionality to the product or add newer interfaces such as Web interfaces. Clients can benefit from the processes for systematically scanning and evaluating new technologies and incorporating these into their products.

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I have been availing services of GNC INFOTECH since couple of years. The credit of my entire website and maintenance goes to them. I heartly thanks them for understanding my needs, and at the same time adhearing to the rules of SEO.
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It’s been a pleasure to work with Bhavik Thakkar and his team at GeetaNChandra Infotech. They have been very fast, open minded and professional in every step of the procedure in building my website. I will continue to work with them in the future and I would recommend them to everyone I know!
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It's a dream company one could have ever imagined or desired to work with. I will work with them again and recommend it to others for procuring premium quality work and services. Best Wishes !
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